Sunday, January 11, 2009

hoist that rag

it's time to start.

well, i'm done being nervous abt the semester but i'm not done being depressed.  maybe that will clear when the weather perks up a bit.

so i've had a lovely break overall and i'm pretty much ready to get back to it.  it will be a day by day thing for a while and then it will just be normal work whatever.  i'm def ready to get a more normal schedule up and running -- this staying up till all hours watching lost and the kill point is not the most productive cycle i've had.  but this brief bit of time in lafayette has been a good transition back to the regular world.  had a nutballs night out at the sparrow that ended up with all manner of confusion and one of our party (apparently) being carried out the door.  had another festive adryan party last night with happy and familiar faces, pina coladas, plenty of wine and tons of snacks.  

some things i'm going to do in this brand new semester

- teach great american books!
- cook fish (and eat it)!
- keep the apartment more tidy!
- write my dissertation!
- be a good exerciser!

because i have dreams to remember.  and even tho i'd rather be back at christine's drinking rose champagne and eating jarlsberg with crackers, all dressed up with the ladies, it's time to stop ignoring my future. 

and it's kind of fun!

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