Tuesday, January 6, 2009

head straight

a good night's sleep, some sunshine (far away as that sun might be), and some clearing of bureaucratic cobwebs is all it took to lift the fog.  felt much more chipper and generally alive today.  maybe not yet ready to call my vacation 'my vacation,' but at least not ready to sock someone in the nose or suck down five cocktails like they were water (like the other night with raves) but whatever.

i know that i have st. francis fountain and candy on my insides (metaphorically, if not still literally) with noisy pop bitches screaming out speakers, hipsters chic and hung over on corners stuffed in booths ordering potato things and no-huevos rancheros.  srsly, tho, those no-huevos rancheros are a thing of brilliance.

i have lorena and christine and dee and ludo and mills and kristen and russ and ci and m&d and the just downright beautiful san francisco thing roaming around in my blood.  dee's beautiful apartment, her valet parking, and her view are mixing up in crazy ways with revolution cafe and ti couz and waziema -- that brokedown beauty, dirty bathrooms, not-nearly-as-clean-as-chicagoness but waaaay more interesting thing.  how can coming back here not feel like some kind of loss?

but now i have the feeling of picking up beckett from the doggy spa (read: kennel, read: $455 ouch), of david (DAVID!) sweet quiet face in person, of poking my head in the empty classrooms i'll be teaching in come monday, and of the best things MLA had to say abt being a teacher and loving writing and how books can suck you in, envelop you, and then leave you a slightly different person at the end of it all.

and my brother got engaged!  to a foxy girl of tremendous class and style.  the future has clearly great and interesting things laid out as choices before us.  but more on all this later.  it's 5:30am here!

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tresser*ize said...

Jenn! I so missed you guys and was thinking about you all on New Years. I had a coffee, water and OJ on New Years morning in your honor. I'm so excited your brother got engaged. Tell him congrats - even tho he probably doesn't remember me. peace.