Sunday, January 4, 2009

the bright line between holidays and drudgery

is glowing more brightly with each passing day -- what with work hanging out there on the horizon.  i am sketching out some resolutions that may help me ease into job-life again.  but mostly though i'm grouchy at losing my sense of freedom and i'm finding it hard to put anything into words.  maybe writing when i'm sulky and have heart-shadow is not wise.

what is it abt this place that sucks the joy out of my insides?  god damn it!  i'm bored i'm itchy and annoyed and my lovely vacation has receded to some already way distant golden age where i felt some sense of promise.  one paragraph bitchfest:

my shower is leaking down to the first floor such that i'll probably find myself ass over teakettle on top of the television one day soon and my landlord just wants to ignore it.  the hallway smells like vinegar and apathy.  this town has no charm, no revolution cafe, no ti couz and no fun in it.

okay, time to stop and direct my energies toward something more productive.  at this rate, i'm going to be the most bitchface instructor anyone has seen for years.  off i go in search of some kind of inspiration.


Aelel said...

Where are these wonders, because all I see are hippies. Dirty, smelly hippies....and an occasional wine and cheese bar with self-congratulatory yuppies who used to be hippies until they got money.

jen said...

hah! point taken, tho i'm going to respectfully disagree. once you've lived in indiana for four years, dirty hippies (monied or otherwise) look an awful lot like culture...