Tuesday, December 9, 2008

silent and beautiful

it has been getting wintery in these parts and, thus far, i've been enjoying our bit of snow.  the midwest is still quite exotic to me, all told.  the snow and the vast empty cornfields make me feel foreign in a nice way.  kind of apart from everything around me and like the peaceful observer i have the tendency to be in a lot of areas of my life, i guess.  thomas mann wrote a lot about how distanced writers can be from the world and it's times like these that i'm compelled to agree.  but, then, i remember that i'm not really a writer (yet) and that there are so many things that have grown roots inside me that i'm a fool to think i stand apart from anything.

the editor's letter in this month's domino says that we like magazines because they're silent and beautiful.  i haven't thought too much abt why i like magazines so well, but that really rung true.  they're (at least the good ones) not blaring at me like the TV or sucking me into a really detailed plot line.  i feel like they steal me away into a really peaceful world where i can think quietly about what i find beautiful and how i want to surround myself, what everyday clothes and objects and recipes can bring to my sense of the richness of the visible world.

of course, we all know that silent and beautiful can be seductive in dangerous ways.  but here's to appreciating those qualities thoughtfully!  and here's to bust, to living etc., to domino and lucky and to nylon.  and occasionally instyle when i need to see what charlize theron is wearing in terms of diamonds.

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