Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my new secret love

i'm a little embarrassed abt it, yes, but i'm newly addicted to frickin prison break.  seriously, it's half retarded, but i love it.  kinda.  in that way where you think its crappy but keep watching it because you're bored but next thing you know you have little TV crushes on half the guys and all of the two girls on the show.  and sometimes there's good writing!  like when mahone goes,

"I need a junkyard dog who's willing to do the ugly things it takes to bring a con to justice." Pause. "Are you my dog, Brad?"

And Bellick goes, "Damn hell yeah I am."

and his voice is all gravels and monotone.  swoooon, if you could ever swoon over a man who looks like the human version of a pitbull and who you would never want to touch you in a million years.  ah!  there it is!  i secretly heart thugs.  srsly though, i think the guys who play abruzzi, t-bag, mahone, and sucre are all good in their parts.

plus, i buy michael and sara's attraction, which barely ever happens for me.  i have such a hard time believing movie/tv show chemistry.  but throw a sweet-looking girl in with a pretty boy who's supposed to be some kind of genius, i'm game.  argh, too bad it's all deus ex machina plotting and various lost type plot-progression stalls.  

argh again, i don't care.  all i wanna be is a junkyard dog for somebody and say 'damn hell yeah' like that.

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