Sunday, December 14, 2008

many things

many things!  

i think i forgot to say that there was a party last weekend that was an event.  lots of people, brewskis, an unimaginable number of treats, lots of red wine, drunkards, snobs, some sexy nerds, writers, a-holes, and goofballs.  pretty much everything you might want at a grad school party.  somebody (a girl, in the interest of full disclosure) told me i have a nice ass and a nice rack, somebody else liked my shoes, and another girl said my hair looked pretty.  so, overall, compliments + booze + party food = a fun night all around.

this weekend i went to purdue's winter dance works which was...something else.  really pomo hopping around, scooting across the floor, a few things i could label 'dancing' everything else i might call 'specialized movement.'  shit i couldn't do -- for sure.  shit i would want to do -- probably not.  interesting to see, esp because i knew some people involved.  so it was fun, if not exactly my bag.

i collect a pile of papers tomorrow and then its grade grade grade until forever.  i'm not fearing them or dreading them tho since i gave prompts that i actually want to read their answers to.  but i do have that gearing-up-for-work feeling that is similar to the right-before-a-race feeling -- like i want the gun to go off so i can just start working and stop anticipating.

i also feel a bizarre combo of rage with a healthy dose of impending freedom.  which will probably just land me at the bottom of a whiskey bottle on thursday night, but whatever.  it's good that i'm going to arizona and san francisco soon.  i think i may need to chill out a bit.

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