Wednesday, December 3, 2008

it's closing in on the end of the semester here and my brain's going crazy in a million directions, none of them productive.  i've gotta let some of this out:

* they don't seem to make ankle pants for girls with hips
* i think i'll be teaching watchmen next semester and i'm excited
* i love trader joe's marinated artichoke hearts
* i'm obsessed with facebook 
* there aren't enough blogs to read (where in the god damned world is hookers on stilts?!?! i don't want it; i NEED it.  and we all know that when you NEED something it's a RESPONSIBILITY.)
* i'm having serious writing anxiety.  and while this makes me feel closer to my students, it does nothing to help any of us.
* if i don't read a beautiful novel sometime in the next few weeks, my heart is going to explode from lack of good words.
* i'm rewatching buffy season 5 and it's bringing up ish from my past that makes me nostalgic, happy, and annoyed all at once.
* one of my favorite people in the universe is in the hospital eating ice chips after surgery and i hope that she recovers really fast and that nothing hurts too much.  i haaaaaaate when my people hurt.

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