Friday, December 26, 2008

holidays, bangs, french babies

okay, i'm going to be honest and admit that the best thing that happened to me this holiday season is my brother's introduction of capucine, french baby extraordinaire.  she kicks the british babies of the holiday right in the arse with her story, her ridiculously anime brown eyes and her total commitment to storytelling.  charm times a million.

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.

i've got totally cute coats, a fun leather jacket, new bangs, and total arizona relaxation.  i'm heading toward a half mla/half friends visit to san francisco and i've had a lovely fam visit replete with awesome new american dinner out (cocktails, salad, wine, mains, more wine, desert) plus all manner of cooking, lounging, playing wii, reading books, and laughing.  but key to my happy mood is the most charming capucine -- check out her hating carrots, loving jam and cottage cheese, speaking english, and having oddly vamipiric teeth on

do i need to produce french babies with saucer shaped brown eyes?  don't think so.  happy to watch them on the interweb tho!


Santiago said...

Someone in Hollywood thinks this would be a good movie:

jen said...

hah! funny. as a literary studies grad student i did find her story to be disjointed and somewhat alarmist. she's clearly working within the postmodern. :)