Thursday, December 18, 2008

done and done (almost)

finished the grades.  will submit tomorrow morning and then start packing for the west!  (read: dresses, dresses, and more dresses).  i am seriously excited for some backman family time and then some mla/ucsd girl hang out time.  to celebrate, i'm drinking a newly made-up martini called 'use up this brandy that i bought for cooking.'  it has brandy, simply apple apple juice, lemon juice and a sugar rim.  it's pretty tasty and wintery akshually -- fitting since there's still snow on the ground.

it's not pretty snow anymore tho, dear reader.  it's dirty snow with ice crunchies.  and we all know how charming that is.  the kind of charm that sends me charging toward the west, gagging for a glass of champagne and anything chic.  which is why i have maje anticipation for a new year's dinner with the girls at levende lounge!  i am so curling my hair and putting on some heels for that one.  ah, just thinking abt a proper city brings sparkles to my heart.

so now i'm gonna restart that el cantante soundtrack (except jesus god for song number two which is an earful of terrible), make another brandy-apple, and pick up watchmen (with which i'm actually kinda bored, so hopefully it will pick up soon).

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