Sunday, November 2, 2008

yes, please.

just some random things that are knocking around in my head this evening:

i'm hungry for cupcakes even tho i haven't had one in years and now they're some kind of popular bakery cliche.  i guess cupcakes can't get played out tho.

when i relearn piano i will learn torch songs and old standards.  then i can play them when i'm lonely or when there's a party.

i really want a corkboard (and a place to put this corkboard), so i can get all the images and cutouts and lists out of my head and miscellaneous manilla folders and onto something i can see all at once.  i think i'm wanting to see the big picture.

i ordered a stuffed uterus toy for a friend of mine (don't tell her) who has to have surgery soon.  i find this toy to be very funny and i think she will too.  it has a face and little fallopian tubes for arms!  (

i kind of like it when halloween isn't on a weekend day b/c then you get to dress up once during the week and then again on the weekend.  not enough opportunities for costume in this world.

my friend kim had a baby daughter last week and i forgot to use my blog to say WOW! and congratulations to the moon and back.  the daughter is called clara elizabeth and looks sweet and squishy (in that nice, baby way). 

i'm currently in love with the idea of getting rid of my desktop computer and then turning my desk upstairs into an old school vanity with a tri-fold mirror and a silver platter for my makeups.  so i can get ready for my day and special events while sitting down, like a lady.


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