Saturday, November 22, 2008


i should be working tonight but i can't bring myself to grade papers and i still don't want to look at my dissertation intro. esp not at 11:30 at night. so i'm im-ing and eating see's candy instead. no booze for jb tonight as i overdid it a touch last night at brick alley pub for jessica's happy birthday. 

had a really fun time tho! danced a tipsy shag with tess (courtesy of aev's fine tutelage), drank some jameson, saw some mfa peeps i haven't seen in a while, and got to check out a new bar. basically a cleaned up luxie's but whatevs, still swell.  

tonight i've been thinking abt my spring look, which is silly since it's barely even winter. and i am rarely cohesive enough to actually achieve any specific look -- tho i've done pretty well with 'prim sixties' so far this fall, courtesy of jumper dresses, the tie-neck blouse, and black liquid eyeliner. anyway, plan to amp up the look for winter/spring by axing the prim and adding leather and cuff bracelets. i'm thinking 'rock girl' meets 'superhero' meets 'french mod princess' or 'fifties italian babe.' key to this look is young, fabulous and broke's leather jacket with cashmere hood and trim. too bad it's a million dollars *and* i can no longer find it online. siiigh. anyway, here's a little sample:

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