Thursday, November 13, 2008

"the true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible"

once again, i'm ready to get serious and make out with this month's domino magazine.  i don't know what happened over there, but they sure turned it on.  now i've got big plans for this old crazy gilt mirror i bought years ago and i also cleared space for my big idea board.

today was super productive in an organizing-cleaning sense only.  no brain work happenin at all today.  but things were vacuumed, dusted, lysol disinfectant clothed, laundered, folded, and tucked.  

i do have a couple of ideas floating around in my head for the celanire paper, but they're at that stage where i'm not ready to sit down and make it happen.  and i haven't even had the courage to stare blankly at my dissertation draft.  i'm really banking on a productive thanksgiving break where i have whole days to do nothing but write and drink coffee.

before my midnight thirty bed time, i'm gonna go visit anthro online to see if this dress i want is on sale yet and then check west elm dot com to see if they have any cool bathmats.  i washed mine tonight and it decided to make a mess of itself with stringy bits and yarn blobs everywhere.  can't be stepping on that kinda mess.

just to mix it up, i'm gonna go with some invisibles for my day's three gratefuls: "the future" by jolie holland (thanx russell), the way the air smells on a really cold november night, and the invention of the novel.

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