Sunday, November 16, 2008

pretty sunday

i'm totally into lolita modeblogg these days, courtesy of s, who has yet to disappoint in the area of chic.

as a hater of sundays, i had a surprisingly nice and productive one today.  grocery shopped, commented on student drafts, did dishes, put up idea board (which looks suspiciously like a collection of cool looking stuff, but that's okay -- 'no ideas but in things,' right?), and went for a long walk at celery bog.

the walk was today's absolute high point and i have serious regrets about not bringing along my camera.  it was so cold and the sky was this really crystal combination of blue and grey and gold and there were old wooden fences and fall-colored trees and that big expanse of space you get in the midwest.  pretty beautiful and so totally foreign to me still.  anyway, i kept replaying my carla bruni and my jolie holland and just generally felt inspired and alive.  two very important things when soul-sucking winter is on the horizon.

i can't help but feel that really big and amazing things are in the works all around me.  i'm not sure where all this positivity is coming from, but i feel it all the time now.  i guess i better get to gettin on the writing front, so that my dreams don't absent themselves before i can make them real.

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