Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a fair distance from normal

bought the above tiny print from www.tinyshowcase.com which is a pretty fun little web site that sells small pieces by young artists for about $20 a pop.  also, a percentage of the money from each print sold is donated to a charity chosen by the artist.  this one is "through the trees" by alika cooper and i decided to buy it b/c i find it sweet and b/c the cash goes to equality california (a group that works to secure equality and legal protection for lgbt individuals).  anyway, it's a fun site to check out occasionally even if the artwork is lame 3/4 of the time.  

i'm also looking into hosting a small event to raise money to repeal prop 8.  i know i'm in indiana, and people might not be interested, but i might give it a go anyway.  i've been dying to throw a ladies only brunch party that i could call 'tea and strumpets' for years now.  who doesn't want scones and raspberry tea and mimosas?  and if you can give $10 to support love in all it's manifestations, why not?

in tangential if not totally unrelated news, i was a good adult and went to my annual lady doctor appt yesterday.  i hate those things, for reals.  nobody but nobody wants to get their bits and pieces stabbed at with an extra large q-tip.  but the rn did exclaim, "wow! your cervix looks great!" which is something i've never heard before.  and then she gave me two sample nuva rings which saved me $90.  overall, prolly the best lady doctor session i've ever had.  

so today, i'm thankful for my great lookin cervix, raspberry zinger tea, and frederic fekkai salon glaze clear shine rinse (srsly, my hair is really shiny).  

hey, on a scale of, say, 1-5 in terms of girlyness, is this post like a 6?  

excuse me while i go bake some cupcakes and have a good cry.    


Lizz said...

Have you seen jointheimpact.com? Prop 8 protests in every state on Saturday!

jen said...

no, but i will definitely go check it out. thanks, lizz!