Saturday, November 29, 2008

winter collection, continued

faux fur mini jacket, 3/4 length sleeves

any kind of black ankle pants, skinny or trouser cut

metallic peep toe platforms, ridiculously expensive or otherwise

and let's not make more of the ring than we have to, shall we?
it's pretty; we can leave it at that.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

like a summer with a thousand julys

thankful that the cinnamon rolls turned out like real cinnamon rolls.  i made them!

thankful that i have the sweetest dog ever invented.

most of all, i'm thankful for my people!  i think i have the most charming, sweetest, most interesting, most creative and imaginative family ever.  also the most fun to go to dinner with, play tennis with, cook with, go to the movies with, &c.

and its pretty baby's birthday today. so i say, 

There's snowflakes in the sky
And geese are flying high
But it's April in my heart again

Though leaves lie on the ground
The world just turned around
It isn't fall at all you see
It's spring that I have found

There's frost in central park
At five it's almost dark
What's the difference
When you've heard love's sweet amend
There's snowflakes in the sky
And geese are flying high
But there's April in my heart again

happy birthday, baby!
(you're like the kicker in a julep or two)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

what else is awesome

eating a late lunch of leftover lemon pepper pasta from trader joe's (with a little olive oil, sauteed garlic, basil, parmesan), listening to jolie holland's "the living and the dead" with its air of county fairs and dusty tex-mex catholicism, reading a new living etc.  and being on thanksgiving break. none of these things really go together, but they make me happy anyway.

also, i resolve to have tea and a cookie at 4:00pm every day for a week to see if i can make tea time a new habit.  

Saturday, November 22, 2008


i should be working tonight but i can't bring myself to grade papers and i still don't want to look at my dissertation intro. esp not at 11:30 at night. so i'm im-ing and eating see's candy instead. no booze for jb tonight as i overdid it a touch last night at brick alley pub for jessica's happy birthday. 

had a really fun time tho! danced a tipsy shag with tess (courtesy of aev's fine tutelage), drank some jameson, saw some mfa peeps i haven't seen in a while, and got to check out a new bar. basically a cleaned up luxie's but whatevs, still swell.  

tonight i've been thinking abt my spring look, which is silly since it's barely even winter. and i am rarely cohesive enough to actually achieve any specific look -- tho i've done pretty well with 'prim sixties' so far this fall, courtesy of jumper dresses, the tie-neck blouse, and black liquid eyeliner. anyway, plan to amp up the look for winter/spring by axing the prim and adding leather and cuff bracelets. i'm thinking 'rock girl' meets 'superhero' meets 'french mod princess' or 'fifties italian babe.' key to this look is young, fabulous and broke's leather jacket with cashmere hood and trim. too bad it's a million dollars *and* i can no longer find it online. siiigh. anyway, here's a little sample:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

work woot

found out that i got a proper lit class for next semester!  i'll be teaching 'great american books' and i'm really excited.  of course, i have to pass my syllabus and book list by a mentor professor and get observed a couple of times (yuck), but it should be really fun.  i hope.  years of teaching composition have made me a little depressed abt teaching in general.  like, i'm going to do this for the rest of my life?  wouldn't i rather own a little boutique of charming objets in san francisco? be a writer of fairy tales and love songs?  hopefully, though, a non-required course will refresh the enthusiastic teacher inside me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


i can only hope i look this grand when i'm a classy old lady with my wine and coffee hanging out in paris.  i am getting some grey hair these days which i secretly like!  i'm sure i'll dye it away when it gets too much and i decide i'm too vain to look old, but for now, i think it looks kind of neat.  plus, i do have plans to have awesomely long grey hair that i wear in a bun one day.

well, i just wanted to say hi before i headed off to grading.  guess i better get my head out of the clouds and get to it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

scoot scoot scoot!

those are happy noises.  watching v for vendetta in class this week, get the old thanksgiving break next week.  and this year pretty baby will be in town, so i will have someone to eat my traditional non traditional indian food with.

and mla saw fit to give me $300 in travel grantage so that i can visit my pretty city with (slightly) less monetary strain.  big time yay for a new year in san francisco.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

pretty sunday

i'm totally into lolita modeblogg these days, courtesy of s, who has yet to disappoint in the area of chic.

as a hater of sundays, i had a surprisingly nice and productive one today.  grocery shopped, commented on student drafts, did dishes, put up idea board (which looks suspiciously like a collection of cool looking stuff, but that's okay -- 'no ideas but in things,' right?), and went for a long walk at celery bog.

the walk was today's absolute high point and i have serious regrets about not bringing along my camera.  it was so cold and the sky was this really crystal combination of blue and grey and gold and there were old wooden fences and fall-colored trees and that big expanse of space you get in the midwest.  pretty beautiful and so totally foreign to me still.  anyway, i kept replaying my carla bruni and my jolie holland and just generally felt inspired and alive.  two very important things when soul-sucking winter is on the horizon.

i can't help but feel that really big and amazing things are in the works all around me.  i'm not sure where all this positivity is coming from, but i feel it all the time now.  i guess i better get to gettin on the writing front, so that my dreams don't absent themselves before i can make them real.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

blogger sucks. still can't edit posts. am annoyed. have rages.

oh, forgot!

tonight, i've decided that my gratefuls should be the embarrassing/intimate ones:
what's the point of having a blog if you're not gonna be honest?

so, the things i secretly like but don't tell anyone:

*being alone on thanksgiving with a bottle of wine (or two) and indian food
*the way beckett smells after a few days of not being washed
*watching like a million episodes of a tv show during the daytime when i should be doing        something like writing or grading

legen-wait for it-dary

turns out that when i think i want to stay in and write on a saturday night, i write for half an hour and then watch disc one, season one of 'how i met yr mother' while eating chocolate covered pretzels from trader joe's.  okay, i'm also drinking cabernet and dunking the pretzels in reduced fat jif peanut butter (creamy).  

i suck at being productive.

Friday, November 14, 2008

idea board purchased. prepped for ideas

it's leaning on my kitchen island now, half covered in plastic wrap, half exposed to the elements.  sadly, i left putting up idea board for tomorrow -- in favor of putting together a christmas present list which is really just a list of strange treasures from hammam towels to an expensive but superhot leather/cashmere jacket to that bust of apollo i just can't seem to stop wanting.  and some quatrefoil stationery.

* the entirety of carla bruni's 'quelqu'un m'a dit.'
* lemonade flavored vitamin water
* a sense of things, bill brown (for helping me get my thoughts organized)  

Thursday, November 13, 2008

"the true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible"

once again, i'm ready to get serious and make out with this month's domino magazine.  i don't know what happened over there, but they sure turned it on.  now i've got big plans for this old crazy gilt mirror i bought years ago and i also cleared space for my big idea board.

today was super productive in an organizing-cleaning sense only.  no brain work happenin at all today.  but things were vacuumed, dusted, lysol disinfectant clothed, laundered, folded, and tucked.  

i do have a couple of ideas floating around in my head for the celanire paper, but they're at that stage where i'm not ready to sit down and make it happen.  and i haven't even had the courage to stare blankly at my dissertation draft.  i'm really banking on a productive thanksgiving break where i have whole days to do nothing but write and drink coffee.

before my midnight thirty bed time, i'm gonna go visit anthro online to see if this dress i want is on sale yet and then check west elm dot com to see if they have any cool bathmats.  i washed mine tonight and it decided to make a mess of itself with stringy bits and yarn blobs everywhere.  can't be stepping on that kinda mess.

just to mix it up, i'm gonna go with some invisibles for my day's three gratefuls: "the future" by jolie holland (thanx russell), the way the air smells on a really cold november night, and the invention of the novel.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a fair distance from normal

bought the above tiny print from which is a pretty fun little web site that sells small pieces by young artists for about $20 a pop.  also, a percentage of the money from each print sold is donated to a charity chosen by the artist.  this one is "through the trees" by alika cooper and i decided to buy it b/c i find it sweet and b/c the cash goes to equality california (a group that works to secure equality and legal protection for lgbt individuals).  anyway, it's a fun site to check out occasionally even if the artwork is lame 3/4 of the time.  

i'm also looking into hosting a small event to raise money to repeal prop 8.  i know i'm in indiana, and people might not be interested, but i might give it a go anyway.  i've been dying to throw a ladies only brunch party that i could call 'tea and strumpets' for years now.  who doesn't want scones and raspberry tea and mimosas?  and if you can give $10 to support love in all it's manifestations, why not?

in tangential if not totally unrelated news, i was a good adult and went to my annual lady doctor appt yesterday.  i hate those things, for reals.  nobody but nobody wants to get their bits and pieces stabbed at with an extra large q-tip.  but the rn did exclaim, "wow! your cervix looks great!" which is something i've never heard before.  and then she gave me two sample nuva rings which saved me $90.  overall, prolly the best lady doctor session i've ever had.  

so today, i'm thankful for my great lookin cervix, raspberry zinger tea, and frederic fekkai salon glaze clear shine rinse (srsly, my hair is really shiny).  

hey, on a scale of, say, 1-5 in terms of girlyness, is this post like a 6?  

excuse me while i go bake some cupcakes and have a good cry.    

Saturday, November 8, 2008

never go with a hippie to a second location

okay, i swear i'll stop with the 30 rock stuff soon.  i'm just crushing hard on this show.  i'm so tickled to have it back in my life that i feel like every word out of alec baldwin's mouth is comic gold.  

today was one of those days where all of a sudden you look up and it's 4pm.  those are lame days.  but i did valuable things like talk to my moms on the phone and grocery shop and grade and totally eff up trying to get files from my stupidass desk top to my sexy new external hard drive.  srsly, i'm ready to put the compaq in my shower, turn on the water, and throw rocks until the damn thing sizzles and pops.  

but i have a new domino to read and most of a bottle of cabernet to finish, so all is not lost.  and sarah reminds me to be thankful for things.  a positive psychology textbook she read says to write down three things that you're grateful for every day.  it has lasting effects, she says.  and i buy it!  i mean, i try to be appreciative every day, but there really is something that happens in the writing of things, you know?  

so, in honor of that, i'm thankful for my health, my people, and my puppy.  but because those are too obvious, i'm also thankful for honeycrisp apples, big band music, and black liquid eyeliner.

oh, i'm also thankful for my dreams!  i know it's a total platitude that your own dreams are boring to other people, but i don't even care.  mostly my dreams have children's birthday parties or my cabinets are full of different kinds of gummy candy or i have a closet full of sequined dresses to try on.  do some freud on that shit and come up with something sad, i dare you. 


Friday, November 7, 2008


haven't done anything particularly P.I.M.P. lately, just like the word.

unless it's really cool to get accepted to a sci-fi lit convention in orlando, then i am totally pimpin today.  actually, i am really excited i got in, so i don't mean to sound too cool for international convention for the fantastic in the arts.  now i've just got to write a graduate-student-award winning paper and my plans to go awesome will be underway.  

i guess beckett was kind of a high roller today.  dog friend had a professional grooming session (bath and mani/pedi) and she looks all clean and shiny. but they used some kind of weird soap so now she smells like grandmas.

in other awesome news, the local blockbuster finally had season two, disc one of 30 rock.  in fact, after i grade a few papers, i'm gonna go watch it with it with a whiskey on the rocks and some cookies.  or some pinot noir and twizzlers.  what?  it's a good combo!    

Liz Lemon: Why are you wearing a tux?
Jack: It's after 6 o'clock, Lemon.  What am I, a farmer?  

Monday, November 3, 2008


today was boring!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

yes, please.

just some random things that are knocking around in my head this evening:

i'm hungry for cupcakes even tho i haven't had one in years and now they're some kind of popular bakery cliche.  i guess cupcakes can't get played out tho.

when i relearn piano i will learn torch songs and old standards.  then i can play them when i'm lonely or when there's a party.

i really want a corkboard (and a place to put this corkboard), so i can get all the images and cutouts and lists out of my head and miscellaneous manilla folders and onto something i can see all at once.  i think i'm wanting to see the big picture.

i ordered a stuffed uterus toy for a friend of mine (don't tell her) who has to have surgery soon.  i find this toy to be very funny and i think she will too.  it has a face and little fallopian tubes for arms!  (

i kind of like it when halloween isn't on a weekend day b/c then you get to dress up once during the week and then again on the weekend.  not enough opportunities for costume in this world.

my friend kim had a baby daughter last week and i forgot to use my blog to say WOW! and congratulations to the moon and back.  the daughter is called clara elizabeth and looks sweet and squishy (in that nice, baby way). 

i'm currently in love with the idea of getting rid of my desktop computer and then turning my desk upstairs into an old school vanity with a tri-fold mirror and a silver platter for my makeups.  so i can get ready for my day and special events while sitting down, like a lady.