Tuesday, October 21, 2008

wedding weekend word pile

lounged by the pool in palm springs, both hungover and not.  wore two pretty dresses, drank too many margaritas, met soto's wife and baby (adorable on both counts).  volunteered to give up my seat on the flight home for $300 travel voucher/first class flight/one night's hotel stay.  hung out in sd with miller, sarah, and matt.  ate sammy's pizza and drank pellegrino.  fell in love with first class travel (oh my god, they use real plates and silverware and glassware.  and hang up yr coat!  who knew?).  the older gentleman next to me had two (free) screwdrivers on a 6:00am flight.  caught a cold somewhere in there and now i feel totally gross and hurty and it was all still totally worth it.

maybe i'll provide more weekend recap when i feel better.  right now i'm going to take some nyquil and leave the realm of the conscious.

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DSW said...

Becca and I got upgraded to 1st class on our honeymoon from NYC to Rome because of a delay - its great whenevs, but omg, on a trans-Atlantic flight?! Well, there's just no other way. Now, if only I could actually afford 1st class, hmmmm - I should have considered this before going back to grad school in the humanities.