Thursday, October 16, 2008

two dress weekend

gotta get up at 4:00am this morning (read: 4 hrs from now) and drive my sleepy self to indy to catch a flight to san diego.  at which point sarah will meet me and drive me to palm springs.  at which point i will put on a bikini and try to get some suns before attending a rehearsal dinner for soto's wedding.  and then saturday will be the wedding of my old friend to some girl who i don't know.  of course, said girl is already actually his wife and they already actually have a baby together and stuff.  so, it's not like she's new on the scene or something.  

as always when i travel, i'm looking forward to it very much while also wishing i didn't have to go.  i hate leaving my baby and i hate leaving my doglet.  will david eat right when i'm gone?  will beckett play nicely with the other dogs and not lick her paws too much?  who will i cuddle with at night time?  why are all the other people i love a boring-ass plane flight away?

but i got some magazines and my pretty little macbook to keep me company and i get to wear two dresses this weekend and, being a dress person, that's awesome.  

secretly, i'm bringing three dresses, just in case.

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