Sunday, October 26, 2008

tea, cookies, billie holiday

this weekend has been a slow one which is fine considering the cold and considering my sort of whirlwind california thing last weekend.  david went to the store especially to buy me cookies and i found a collection of fruity herbal teas that my mom sent ages ago, so i lounged on the red couch enjoying those and listening to a billie holiday love song cd over and over again.  as a result, i'm basically healed.  except for immoderate level of snot, but i'll be ladylike and remain silent on the snot score.

finished a proposal for a conference on 'time and the fantastic' and sent it off.  hope i get in b/c i like the novel i wrote about (who slashed celanire's throat?) and i think a conference in florida with a bunch of nerded out lit&magic folks would be a swell way to spend a weekend.

in other magical news, i showed amelie in class last week.  i think many of my students found it too odd, or too french, or too something, but i was charmed just as much as the first time i saw it.  that last scene with nino on the motorbike, all sped up and accordianny, she presses her face into his shoulder... swoon.  i love so much the details in that movie.  okay, so yes, i love the details of everything and i love attention to detail in general so of course i'm going to love amelie for it.  but still.  but still!

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