Wednesday, October 29, 2008

sighing after sigh

i get attached to the silliest things, really.  right now i'm moping over the loss of rome after only two seasons.  and the show is pretty much terrible!  i mean, it's all people getting stabbed in the stomach, bizarre and nasty sex scenes, and general cruelty.  seriously, if you just happened to turn the show on at some random point you just might find cleopatra vomiting in a corner while mark antony buggers a hermaphrodite servant who is also simultaneously stabbing a member of the kitchen staff.  with political intrigue, of course.

but i'm gonna go out on a limb and call the whole thing watchable simply because of titus pullo and lucius vorenus.  i am a maje sucker for guy friendships somehow.  and these two are war chums and lions of men, really.  sort of enormous, butchery, war dudes.  but they're so devoted to each other!  and they do look fetching in their roman gear: rough cotton pullovers and huge leather arm bands.  (also, for the manly viewer, the ladies are regularly topless and usually little devils).

now i suppose i have to go do something productive.  i have made 20+ pages of a franken-dissertation.  so maybe i'll start working on my butterfly halloween costume!  that's it, productive.

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