Thursday, October 30, 2008

kate moss is so rocknroll

except for the no discernible musical skill, of course.  her topshop line is totally foxy tho.  may have to put a couple things on the old christmas list.

today i mostly focused on collecting all the necessary bits and pieces for my butterfly costume.  coming together very ugly betty, if i do say so myself.  wonky homemade antennae and all.  i'm very much looking forward to mel and jason's party tomorrow night!  it's been a while since i did any local socializing.  

now it's time to wash up and take a passel of material culture books to bed.  i'm obsessing over how to bend material culture studies to my will.  also obsessing over thomas' english muffins (100% whole wheat), any kind of vegetable soup, coke zero and twizzlers, and barilla plus spaghetti and red sauce (old school pasta like growing up! except with omega threes or whatever).    

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