Monday, October 6, 2008

hi chi

visited the old second city over the weekend to visit sarah and mills and had a lovely time, all told.  beckett and i got in thursday evening and then the people went to thai food at joy's noodles while beckett stayed at home and napped on the couch.  then we watched the cubs while drinking brewskies at a local pub and it was very CHICAGO all around.

on friday, miller and i went to brunch at orange for fruishi and other deliciousness and then made cake and caramel vanilla bourbon sauce for said cake and then hung out until dinner and drinks.  dinner was francesca's forno in wicker park and then the easy bar or easy club or easy something where i had some whiskeys and we met up with bryson and jenny.  they are a super cute couple and laugh a lot together and seem generally like a perfectly happily newlywed couple which is what i like to see.  

next time i go to chicago i want to be sure to visit velvet hour and i want to try green zebra and also i'd like to do some shopping.  i'd like some new black pants, a brooch of some sort, and donna karan's "deco" tights that have been popping up in every magazine from bust to lucky.  

but first i must get a haircut!  what sad locks these are!  

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