Thursday, October 30, 2008

kate moss is so rocknroll

except for the no discernible musical skill, of course.  her topshop line is totally foxy tho.  may have to put a couple things on the old christmas list.

today i mostly focused on collecting all the necessary bits and pieces for my butterfly costume.  coming together very ugly betty, if i do say so myself.  wonky homemade antennae and all.  i'm very much looking forward to mel and jason's party tomorrow night!  it's been a while since i did any local socializing.  

now it's time to wash up and take a passel of material culture books to bed.  i'm obsessing over how to bend material culture studies to my will.  also obsessing over thomas' english muffins (100% whole wheat), any kind of vegetable soup, coke zero and twizzlers, and barilla plus spaghetti and red sauce (old school pasta like growing up! except with omega threes or whatever).    

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

sighing after sigh

i get attached to the silliest things, really.  right now i'm moping over the loss of rome after only two seasons.  and the show is pretty much terrible!  i mean, it's all people getting stabbed in the stomach, bizarre and nasty sex scenes, and general cruelty.  seriously, if you just happened to turn the show on at some random point you just might find cleopatra vomiting in a corner while mark antony buggers a hermaphrodite servant who is also simultaneously stabbing a member of the kitchen staff.  with political intrigue, of course.

but i'm gonna go out on a limb and call the whole thing watchable simply because of titus pullo and lucius vorenus.  i am a maje sucker for guy friendships somehow.  and these two are war chums and lions of men, really.  sort of enormous, butchery, war dudes.  but they're so devoted to each other!  and they do look fetching in their roman gear: rough cotton pullovers and huge leather arm bands.  (also, for the manly viewer, the ladies are regularly topless and usually little devils).

now i suppose i have to go do something productive.  i have made 20+ pages of a franken-dissertation.  so maybe i'll start working on my butterfly halloween costume!  that's it, productive.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

tea, cookies, billie holiday

this weekend has been a slow one which is fine considering the cold and considering my sort of whirlwind california thing last weekend.  david went to the store especially to buy me cookies and i found a collection of fruity herbal teas that my mom sent ages ago, so i lounged on the red couch enjoying those and listening to a billie holiday love song cd over and over again.  as a result, i'm basically healed.  except for immoderate level of snot, but i'll be ladylike and remain silent on the snot score.

finished a proposal for a conference on 'time and the fantastic' and sent it off.  hope i get in b/c i like the novel i wrote about (who slashed celanire's throat?) and i think a conference in florida with a bunch of nerded out lit&magic folks would be a swell way to spend a weekend.

in other magical news, i showed amelie in class last week.  i think many of my students found it too odd, or too french, or too something, but i was charmed just as much as the first time i saw it.  that last scene with nino on the motorbike, all sped up and accordianny, she presses her face into his shoulder... swoon.  i love so much the details in that movie.  okay, so yes, i love the details of everything and i love attention to detail in general so of course i'm going to love amelie for it.  but still.  but still!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

wedding weekend word pile

lounged by the pool in palm springs, both hungover and not.  wore two pretty dresses, drank too many margaritas, met soto's wife and baby (adorable on both counts).  volunteered to give up my seat on the flight home for $300 travel voucher/first class flight/one night's hotel stay.  hung out in sd with miller, sarah, and matt.  ate sammy's pizza and drank pellegrino.  fell in love with first class travel (oh my god, they use real plates and silverware and glassware.  and hang up yr coat!  who knew?).  the older gentleman next to me had two (free) screwdrivers on a 6:00am flight.  caught a cold somewhere in there and now i feel totally gross and hurty and it was all still totally worth it.

maybe i'll provide more weekend recap when i feel better.  right now i'm going to take some nyquil and leave the realm of the conscious.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

two dress weekend

gotta get up at 4:00am this morning (read: 4 hrs from now) and drive my sleepy self to indy to catch a flight to san diego.  at which point sarah will meet me and drive me to palm springs.  at which point i will put on a bikini and try to get some suns before attending a rehearsal dinner for soto's wedding.  and then saturday will be the wedding of my old friend to some girl who i don't know.  of course, said girl is already actually his wife and they already actually have a baby together and stuff.  so, it's not like she's new on the scene or something.  

as always when i travel, i'm looking forward to it very much while also wishing i didn't have to go.  i hate leaving my baby and i hate leaving my doglet.  will david eat right when i'm gone?  will beckett play nicely with the other dogs and not lick her paws too much?  who will i cuddle with at night time?  why are all the other people i love a boring-ass plane flight away?

but i got some magazines and my pretty little macbook to keep me company and i get to wear two dresses this weekend and, being a dress person, that's awesome.  

secretly, i'm bringing three dresses, just in case.

Monday, October 6, 2008

hi chi

visited the old second city over the weekend to visit sarah and mills and had a lovely time, all told.  beckett and i got in thursday evening and then the people went to thai food at joy's noodles while beckett stayed at home and napped on the couch.  then we watched the cubs while drinking brewskies at a local pub and it was very CHICAGO all around.

on friday, miller and i went to brunch at orange for fruishi and other deliciousness and then made cake and caramel vanilla bourbon sauce for said cake and then hung out until dinner and drinks.  dinner was francesca's forno in wicker park and then the easy bar or easy club or easy something where i had some whiskeys and we met up with bryson and jenny.  they are a super cute couple and laugh a lot together and seem generally like a perfectly happily newlywed couple which is what i like to see.  

next time i go to chicago i want to be sure to visit velvet hour and i want to try green zebra and also i'd like to do some shopping.  i'd like some new black pants, a brooch of some sort, and donna karan's "deco" tights that have been popping up in every magazine from bust to lucky.  

but first i must get a haircut!  what sad locks these are!