Monday, September 15, 2008

Yay Area!

San Diego is beautiful and Arizona is restorative but nothing says home like the Bay. More specifically, the East Bay. Just flying into Oakland on Friday afternoon was fantastic. Nothing makes my imagination happier right now than seeing myself in a little two bedroom, two bath bungalow in some artist-filled area of Oakland. Well, I guess a tenure track job at San Francisco State and a little one bedroom apartment in the Richmond or the Mission would be right up there. And parts of Berkeley are super duper charming. But, man, I love those tan rolling hills with big oak trees that turn all green in the winter. And even rolling through the streets of Livermore in my parents’ Pilot was fun. I don’t know when they made Livermore into wine country, but good job! Cowboys out and cozy family wineries in!

On Friday I made Russell go with me to La Mediterranee so as I could have the vegetarian plate which is AWESOME. I effing love that restaurant – sort of slouchy elegant and cluttery and full of people and deliciousness. Then we drank wine in our Holiday Inn Express out of plastic hotel cups. Saturday was shopping and a quick dip in the pool and then off to the wedding.

Lovely all around. It was grand to see Ray and the kids and Ingrid and drink too much wine with the family. Reminds me again what a priority it is for me to get back there and reinstate some of those awesome family parties with food and wine and rough housing with the babies. The vineyard was perfect – small and gravel roads and chickens and little white lights strung over the tables and a barn and a cute family that runs it with a little toddler named Pepper who wobbled around on toddler legs and kept holding hands with my cousin Kari. The whole thing was preciousness in every direction.

Then Ingrid and her new beau came back to the hotel with us and we sat around in my parents’ room drinking more wine and eating Domino’s until we couldn’t take it anymore. Sunday was hangover, eating nachos at Max’s diner, and to the airport and then it’s planes and planes until Indy.

There is so much happiness for me in California. I have to hold onto that knowledge more and not let school and students and snow bring me down. I’m getting back there, even if I have to work at a community college in Manteca to do it.

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