Monday, September 8, 2008

saturday post

I’m in a really grand mood right now and it’s mostly due to the absolutely beautiful day that’s happening outside. Bright blue sky and sunshine and little breeze. I walked myself to the farmer’s market on 5th street today and bought some lovely heirloom tomatoes and a bunch of arugula and lettuce and a adorable bouquet of flowers in a little glass pot that the lady gave me for $3 instead of $3.50 because of it’s being so close to 12:30, the end of the day for her. So now I’m enjoying a late breakfast of strong black coffee and baguette with cheese and homegrown tomato. Yummm. I’ve decided to try to spend abt $10/week on locally grown products. Nothing tastes as good as fresh homegrown vegetables and I want to support the people who can get them to me instead of buying inferior products elsewhere out of laziness and sheer habit.

Yesterday, I decided to support J.Crew who offered me an extra %20 off their sale stuff and made me this sweet little dress:

I got it in ‘crazy rhubarb’ or whatever it’s called. For date night and parties and maybe even New Year’s Eve with silver heels and these art deco crystal hair clips I inherited from auntie. But Barney’s New York also has fabulous sale items and a metallic Helmut Lang shift dress is also vying for New Year’s outfit status.

Also, yesterday I made some maje progress on the school front. I created a new document and saved it as “Dissertation.” And then I pasted some quotations into it. Word.

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