Wednesday, September 24, 2008


i got some slutteh heels in the ups today.  okay, yeah, i may be abusing some of my student loan funds, but they were on SALE!  and they fit just perfectly.  it's such a gamble with the internet purchasing, you know.  but i love them and they've got leather and buckles and i will be wearing them for the next week because i love them so.

tomorrow i'm finishing memento in both my classes and this weekend i'm trying my hand at spinach enchiladas.  i think that caesar salad and baked potato will also show up on the weekend menu cuz i'm in the mood.

ran today at celery bog and it was seriously crappy.  not sure why since the runs have been good lately but i was sucking wind like crazy and my thighs were so not cooperative.  plus, there were two other girls running in the forresty area and they were so speedy and poised and one of them left trails of vanilla perfume behind her.  but i saw the enormous deer again today (there were three of the magical little guys) and we stopped and looked at each other for a bit and i bet you the speedy girls didn't get to, like, have a moment with magical deer.  so there.  

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