Friday, September 19, 2008

just sitting on the shelf

ah, fridays are nice.  today i went for a run and then had student conferences and then came back home, graded and took a nap.  and talked to sarah after that which was fun and catch-uppy.  now i'm ready for something to happen.  drinks at the sparrow?  phone time with the parents? snacks and wine? writing?  wandering aimless around the internets?
well, whatevs, i'm not stressed.  which probably means
 i'll wander aimless on the internets, i suppose.  
lately i've been craving the weirdest stuff.  i would think i was pregnant except for that i ABSOLUTELY AM NOT.  like, i'm obsessed with these blue diamond chili lime almonds and also these crazy german rye crackers and la vache qui rit light french onion triangles.  and coke zero.  and hummus made by a company called 'fountain of health.'  now that's just weird.  also, i'm sick to death of grilled cheese and tomato soup.  something's gone wonky.
okay, time to make a decision abt the evening.  i can't blog abt food all night and feel good abt myself in the morning.


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