Monday, September 22, 2008

i woke up on sunday morning to the sound of my neighbor vacuuming and i so wished it was my mom and i was upstairs at the old house in san ramon.  just a brief wave crash of nostalgia i guess.  when i'm hungover from too many 'southsides' at the sparrow, i want to comfort myself.  and what's more comforting that the sort of white noise hum of family puttering around the house and chatting and making you coffee and such?

obviously i'm going through some kind of missing my family thing after that family wedding in norcal.  sometimes my mom talks abt the idea of a 'multigenerational home' (a fancy way of saying 'yes, i still live with my parents,' really) and, maybe i've been watching too much ugly betty, but it certainly appeals to me.  maybe multigenerational compound-manse would be better.  or multigenerational-a-few-blocks-away-from-each-other.  i'm no big fan of communal living -- i like things to be clean when i want them to be clean and messy when i want them a mess and plus, i need my own bathroom -- but, man, how i love a busy house!  peoples coming and going and watching telly and cooking to opera music and bumping into each other in the kitchen.  dogs and cats and recliners.  oh holy crap!  i'm suburban!

yipes.  i guess you can take the girl out of the east bay, but you can't take the east bay out of the girl.   

okay, i'm gonna revise my bustling house daydream by taking it out of the ultra conventional burbs and moving it to a sprawling ranch in arizona with evening parties in the cactus garden and dusty dirt roads.  add to that a flat in a big city so i can go to the opera and we're set.  whew, that was close; i almost white-picket fenced myself into a jameson before bed time panic.


Katie said...

This made me smile... I can still remember playing hide and seek in your front yard (it was perfect for that!). All the neighborhood kids wanted to hide in Auntie's tree. I remember jailbreak, and painting the streets with chalk, only for Jennifer and Natalie's dad make them scrub it off with a hose and scrub brush. I remember sharing a driveway (sorta) with you. I remember Bernie and you deaf dog...oh, what was his name? I remember your pool going in. I remember planting, picking, and eating carrots out of Auntie's Garden.

For some reason, I am not surprised in the least that you'd want to surround yourself with friends and family like that. Hell, I'd do it in a split second.


- Katie

jen said...

omg, how much did i love jailbreak?!? those were like the funnest memories of growing up. and sardines. i loved playing sardines. even when i was probably too old to love playing sardines...