Monday, September 8, 2008

go awesome

i went to that job market meeting last wednesday and walked out with a migraine. for literals. it scared the shit out of me. they're all, like, "you should have at least two chapters of yr dissertation done and you should have already set up a this-and-that file with susan whatever and asked for yr letters of recommendation and given those recommenders a packet of information with this that and the other thing." none of which i have or have done. so, glad i wasn't harboring any dreamlets of getting a posh job this year.

but now i know what i really have to do and that's go awesome. in the next year, if i want a job in cali, i've really got to explode in a firestorm of academic achievement and glitter. so it's papers and conferences and hit screenplay and beautiful piece of artwork dissertation that some britishy press wants to publish. and then it will be a party in the stars for old jb.

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