Monday, September 1, 2008

back to it

i am having the hardest time getting back into the swing of school.  i had such a lovely summer and now it's just gone.  i don't get it.

but tomorrow i have to wake up and teach again and then i have to wake up and teach again for the rest of my life.  sometimes i wonder if i've chosen the right profession, but then i realize that floating in the ocean is not really considered a profession so i chose the second best thing.  anyway, will finish the phd first and ask questions later.

had a lovely long weekend tho with visits to raven's enormous and pretty house in west laf and then to adryan's for welcome back party.  i played my first game of midwestern beanbag game (which i quite liked -- you get to space out and try to throw beanbags while drinking, what's not to like?) and i made a new appetizer recipe from martha stewart that turned out pretty well.  it was a blue cheese and walnut dip that had (in addition to blue cheese and walnuts) cream cheese, brandy, lemon juice, dash of hot sauce, salt and pepper.  i think some shallots or chives would have been nice too.

off to bed now.  blah, i'm not even sleepy.  i can't go to sleep at midnight anymore -- too early!  i wanna stay up and watch heroes season two and eat baked cheetos. 

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