Sunday, August 10, 2008

today i was a shopping monster

because of the 60s.  if the 60s didn't invent mod little shift dresses, i would have half the money i've ever made probably.  anyway, bought one at anthro today and then bought a sweet little tie neck blouse at banana (inspired by lorena) and some true red lipstick at sephora and a throw pillow at pottery barn.  could have done more damage, i'm sure, but was finally able to get a hold of it.

until i got to trader joe's and then i lost it again.

but now i have some fun new clotheses and stuff like a big spanikopita and red oak lettuce and mini light baby bell gouda cheese.  

off to bed now cuz i drugged myself with some benedryl so that i could fall asleep at a reasonable hour.  errands tommorow, errands. (though i did finally register the car in indiana!  good job, jen!  thanks, jen.)

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