Wednesday, August 20, 2008

texas doozy

"face cards are wild; 3s a jinx; 5s are 2s"

i can't stop watching 30 rock.  well, actually, now i can b/c i watched all of season one and that's all the blockbuster by my house has.  anyway, i heart tracy morgan.  and tina fey.  and alec baldwin.  and pretty much everyone except for dr. spaceman who is seriously unfunny.

anyway, gotta take the old spanish language exam tomorrow morning at 10am and i'm totally having a freak out abt it while simultaneously being totally bored of studying spanish.  i'll let you know how it goes.

whether or not i bomb tomorrow morning, d and i are going to indianapolis for back to school shopping and general end-of-summer adventure.  school comes monday and i am so not mentally prepared.  i did finish up my syllabi and get stuff copied and whatevs, but i can't help feeling like i might show up on monday in flip flops, stand in front of the room full of freshman, and go "huh? i have to teach now? nah." and then leave and go to tropicanoe and hang out on the lazy river.

but tropicanoe is only open on the weekends now!!! because goddamned summer is over and i hate it like a petulant child!!!

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