Thursday, August 7, 2008


let's plan!

it's august and here at nobeckettno we hate august because it means the end of all things that are good (summer) and heralds the coming of all things that are bad (school).  but with just a little planning and preparation, i can usually make the transition relatively painless.  and, let's be honest, ever since i finished coursework, school has been like ponies and clouds and sparkles.  except for prelims of course but i have shoved that nonsense way the fuck back in my psyche.

my new pre-semester plan involves one-hr work sessions for a variety of stuff.  i need to make them one hour at a time b/c i can barely manage to exercise and eat one meal before 9pm these days.  one hr per thingy is all i can handle.  i think it's the internets, personally.  too many blogs and funny lolcats and entries.  so as of right now my sessions are going to be:

one hr dissertation writing
one hr syllabus prep
one hr professional development work 
one hr creative writing
one hr exercise
one hr make out sesh 
one hr spanish practicing

that leaves a couple extra hrs for general bullshit-dealing-with, cleaning the apt, couch lounging, and what have you.   i am very excited to put this plan into action!  i think it will totally help with my procrastinations.  and i can cross some of this stuff off as i complete projects &c.

i should probably limit this kind of planning to my beloved 5x7 cards and not foist my life organization stuff on the outside world. as compensation, i promise not to go on too long abt buying pens or notebooks

wah!  just got the summons to drink at the sparrow.  ciao!!

i managed to get a brief sketch of my 'tito and the nails' story done on the plane to san diego

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