Sunday, August 24, 2008

night before the semester starts and i'm definitely in planning mode.  not nervous tho, which is nice.  this is probably the first year of teaching that i haven't been nervous actually.  it will probably hit me right before i walk in the classroom and then i'll be all sweaty and out of breath and uncharming.  whatevers.  it's work and i've gotta do it, as much as i would prefer a lifetime of vacation.  plus, i'm out of money.

i am getting a little finish-line excitement tho.  i don't plan on finishing my dissertation this year or anything, but the fact that it's the last thing i have to do is very cool.  plus, i might try to apply to a couple of post-docs for next fall.  imagining that my way out of this town is getting closer is totally inspirational.

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