Tuesday, August 5, 2008

never far from shore

"but what he really cared about were friends, loyalty and good behavior.  taste followed a distant fourth, which is at it should be."

this weekend was fab friend reunion in san diego.  we fit a lot in, from a ucsd campus wandering to legit greasy mexican at rigoberto's in la jolla (it's no la posta, but it'll do) to checking out tattoo parlors to getting annoyed with each other's going-out habits on saturday night.  but a little disagreement abt where and for how long one should enjoy cocktails is bound to happen when everyone in a group is as individual as we all are.  and a group full of people with completely distinct personalities is fine by me. 

anyway, the trip was lovely even if it wasn't enough and was too much too fast if that makes ANY kind of sense whatsoever.  i left sd with a fucked up and sad black hole heart.  leaving my beautiful california and my beautiful friends.  i don't know if i really belong to san diego anymore or to san francisco but i do know that i belong around those girls and that i don't belong to indiana.  i felt so heart sick to leave that i could have thrown up my aorta and my ventricle and my pericardium in one great making-my-insides-my-outsides motion.

but here i am and it's nearing school time again and, thus, a school time manifesto will surely follow in the next few days.  i have big plans for one-hour work sessions that i need to think through.  and i have a maje interest in getting fit that needs some detailed attention.

now, in a brief homage to san diego, i want to list all my favorite places and streets and stuff.  it's just kind of a purge, so i can get san diego all out of my insides and commit to being back here.  feel free to skip if you don't know san diego or don't just love reading lists of cool sounding words or don't want to imagine what my memories are like.

zanzibar, aero club, the ould sod, upas street, dove street, the green arrow streetlight pointing toward garnet ave, cafe 222, harry's, parkwood apartments, earl's place, pepper canyon, learning to drink guinness and whiskey at the field, windansea, la jolla shores, tapinade, avalon tattoo, the hatchet brothers, bella luna, nunu's, the red fox room, banker's hill, golden hill, and the casbah.

ps - if you're in borders any time soon, check out page 83 of this month's domino.  thom from queer eye has the rustic beachy yet enormously rich and beautiful bar of my dreams.

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