Tuesday, August 12, 2008

it's 9pm and i can't possibly work.

i never should have had those three beers at dan smith's phil thing this afternoon.  every time i drink beer in the afternoon i end up with a killer headache and a total space-cadet thing for the rest of the night.  so now i'm too awake to go to sleep and to sleepy to go to the bar (not to mention the brewing headache).  

but, tevs, it was worth it to check out the dan smith apartment which is in these cute little condos on 6th street that i've been dying to see on the inside.  so it was posh and urban (looking) and he has a rad library and there's a balcony overlooking a cute old brick alleyway.  it's always fun to get a peek at a professor's digs.  and, of course, there was party food like hummus, falafel, cheese and crackers and we all know how extraordinarily happy party food makes me.

and i did go for a pretty painful run at c-bog before the party!  is that enough activity for a summer tuesday?  i think it just might be.

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