Thursday, August 14, 2008

"i could have gone...a lot"

says georges st-pierre (in cute french-like accent), and me too, gsp.  but i am home after one cocktail!  and it's for the best.  not many peeps out tonight and it's not yet the weekend, so the red couch and dvds it is.  and i totally enjoyed my 'southside' cocktail at black sparrow (gin, mint, bitters, lime).

but whether the universe likes it or not, i'm committed to eking out the final drops of fun from my summer.  this means fitness fun jen meets going out fun jen, ufc style.  this is not the kind of thing i wish to maintain or anything.  but it's the end of my summer (yeah i know i already said that) and i want everything, so it's on; i'm going down swinging.

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