Thursday, August 28, 2008

cocktails and summer storms

school is fine thus far. altho i did briefly contemplate running away to spain on both tuesday and thursday morning when i had to get up at 7:30 (!) in the morning.  blech.  that kind of schedule is for people in offices, not for jb.  i would much rather teach those three hour night classes that end at 10pm then get my ass up at that kind of ridiculous time.  and i spent two years teaching 8am classes at dvc.  no wonder i was so depressed back then.

happy things this week included watching miss pettigrew lives for a day, getting new magazines to read, and rediscovering  my god how i love martha.  she's so perfectly pressed and waspy and has that creepy yet mesmerizing speaking voice.  i am fascinated by her.   this month's domino is decent but not wonderful -- the victorian gothic page was probably the most interesting page in the issue.  

but miss pettigrew... !  that i found to be most lovely.  definitely the prettiest movie i've seen in a long time.  frances mcdormand was her tough but vulnerable perfect self (as usual) and amy adams was precious and ciaran hinds was just dashing, i thought.  since i have a bit of a 40s fetish right now, the costumes and the set were magic for my insides.  it might be too girly and too stagey for some, but it was totally swoony to me.

now i've got to hurry and get in the shower b/c i must attend a phil/lit fete shortly!

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