Thursday, August 21, 2008

bring it, spaniches

took the spanish exam this morning.  first i smacked it on the face and then i kissed it on the mouth and then i translated the hell out of it.  at least that's what my examiner said.  or maybe she just said i did very well.  either way.  

so last hurdle of true abd-ness is smacked and kissed.  hurray for that!

then i bought a sensible black dress at banana in celebration.  it will look good with some really slutty shoes.  i'm thinking something involving straps and buckles.  apparently i heart clothes right now instead of hearting home stuff.  which saves me from owning a bust of apollo for the time being, so that's cool. 

annual caucuses and convocation tomorrow which translates into telling teaching stories and checking out the new first-years.  all in all, not a horrible way to ease into the semester.

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