Thursday, August 28, 2008

cocktails and summer storms

school is fine thus far. altho i did briefly contemplate running away to spain on both tuesday and thursday morning when i had to get up at 7:30 (!) in the morning.  blech.  that kind of schedule is for people in offices, not for jb.  i would much rather teach those three hour night classes that end at 10pm then get my ass up at that kind of ridiculous time.  and i spent two years teaching 8am classes at dvc.  no wonder i was so depressed back then.

happy things this week included watching miss pettigrew lives for a day, getting new magazines to read, and rediscovering  my god how i love martha.  she's so perfectly pressed and waspy and has that creepy yet mesmerizing speaking voice.  i am fascinated by her.   this month's domino is decent but not wonderful -- the victorian gothic page was probably the most interesting page in the issue.  

but miss pettigrew... !  that i found to be most lovely.  definitely the prettiest movie i've seen in a long time.  frances mcdormand was her tough but vulnerable perfect self (as usual) and amy adams was precious and ciaran hinds was just dashing, i thought.  since i have a bit of a 40s fetish right now, the costumes and the set were magic for my insides.  it might be too girly and too stagey for some, but it was totally swoony to me.

now i've got to hurry and get in the shower b/c i must attend a phil/lit fete shortly!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

night before the semester starts and i'm definitely in planning mode.  not nervous tho, which is nice.  this is probably the first year of teaching that i haven't been nervous actually.  it will probably hit me right before i walk in the classroom and then i'll be all sweaty and out of breath and uncharming.  whatevers.  it's work and i've gotta do it, as much as i would prefer a lifetime of vacation.  plus, i'm out of money.

i am getting a little finish-line excitement tho.  i don't plan on finishing my dissertation this year or anything, but the fact that it's the last thing i have to do is very cool.  plus, i might try to apply to a couple of post-docs for next fall.  imagining that my way out of this town is getting closer is totally inspirational.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

bring it, spaniches

took the spanish exam this morning.  first i smacked it on the face and then i kissed it on the mouth and then i translated the hell out of it.  at least that's what my examiner said.  or maybe she just said i did very well.  either way.  

so last hurdle of true abd-ness is smacked and kissed.  hurray for that!

then i bought a sensible black dress at banana in celebration.  it will look good with some really slutty shoes.  i'm thinking something involving straps and buckles.  apparently i heart clothes right now instead of hearting home stuff.  which saves me from owning a bust of apollo for the time being, so that's cool. 

annual caucuses and convocation tomorrow which translates into telling teaching stories and checking out the new first-years.  all in all, not a horrible way to ease into the semester.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

texas doozy

"face cards are wild; 3s a jinx; 5s are 2s"

i can't stop watching 30 rock.  well, actually, now i can b/c i watched all of season one and that's all the blockbuster by my house has.  anyway, i heart tracy morgan.  and tina fey.  and alec baldwin.  and pretty much everyone except for dr. spaceman who is seriously unfunny.

anyway, gotta take the old spanish language exam tomorrow morning at 10am and i'm totally having a freak out abt it while simultaneously being totally bored of studying spanish.  i'll let you know how it goes.

whether or not i bomb tomorrow morning, d and i are going to indianapolis for back to school shopping and general end-of-summer adventure.  school comes monday and i am so not mentally prepared.  i did finish up my syllabi and get stuff copied and whatevs, but i can't help feeling like i might show up on monday in flip flops, stand in front of the room full of freshman, and go "huh? i have to teach now? nah." and then leave and go to tropicanoe and hang out on the lazy river.

but tropicanoe is only open on the weekends now!!! because goddamned summer is over and i hate it like a petulant child!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

"i could have gone...a lot"

says georges st-pierre (in cute french-like accent), and me too, gsp.  but i am home after one cocktail!  and it's for the best.  not many peeps out tonight and it's not yet the weekend, so the red couch and dvds it is.  and i totally enjoyed my 'southside' cocktail at black sparrow (gin, mint, bitters, lime).

but whether the universe likes it or not, i'm committed to eking out the final drops of fun from my summer.  this means fitness fun jen meets going out fun jen, ufc style.  this is not the kind of thing i wish to maintain or anything.  but it's the end of my summer (yeah i know i already said that) and i want everything, so it's on; i'm going down swinging.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

it's 9pm and i can't possibly work.

i never should have had those three beers at dan smith's phil thing this afternoon.  every time i drink beer in the afternoon i end up with a killer headache and a total space-cadet thing for the rest of the night.  so now i'm too awake to go to sleep and to sleepy to go to the bar (not to mention the brewing headache).  

but, tevs, it was worth it to check out the dan smith apartment which is in these cute little condos on 6th street that i've been dying to see on the inside.  so it was posh and urban (looking) and he has a rad library and there's a balcony overlooking a cute old brick alleyway.  it's always fun to get a peek at a professor's digs.  and, of course, there was party food like hummus, falafel, cheese and crackers and we all know how extraordinarily happy party food makes me.

and i did go for a pretty painful run at c-bog before the party!  is that enough activity for a summer tuesday?  i think it just might be.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

today i was a shopping monster

because of the 60s.  if the 60s didn't invent mod little shift dresses, i would have half the money i've ever made probably.  anyway, bought one at anthro today and then bought a sweet little tie neck blouse at banana (inspired by lorena) and some true red lipstick at sephora and a throw pillow at pottery barn.  could have done more damage, i'm sure, but was finally able to get a hold of it.

until i got to trader joe's and then i lost it again.

but now i have some fun new clotheses and stuff like a big spanikopita and red oak lettuce and mini light baby bell gouda cheese.  

off to bed now cuz i drugged myself with some benedryl so that i could fall asleep at a reasonable hour.  errands tommorow, errands. (though i did finally register the car in indiana!  good job, jen!  thanks, jen.)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


let's plan!

it's august and here at nobeckettno we hate august because it means the end of all things that are good (summer) and heralds the coming of all things that are bad (school).  but with just a little planning and preparation, i can usually make the transition relatively painless.  and, let's be honest, ever since i finished coursework, school has been like ponies and clouds and sparkles.  except for prelims of course but i have shoved that nonsense way the fuck back in my psyche.

my new pre-semester plan involves one-hr work sessions for a variety of stuff.  i need to make them one hour at a time b/c i can barely manage to exercise and eat one meal before 9pm these days.  one hr per thingy is all i can handle.  i think it's the internets, personally.  too many blogs and funny lolcats and entries.  so as of right now my sessions are going to be:

one hr dissertation writing
one hr syllabus prep
one hr professional development work 
one hr creative writing
one hr exercise
one hr make out sesh 
one hr spanish practicing

that leaves a couple extra hrs for general bullshit-dealing-with, cleaning the apt, couch lounging, and what have you.   i am very excited to put this plan into action!  i think it will totally help with my procrastinations.  and i can cross some of this stuff off as i complete projects &c.

i should probably limit this kind of planning to my beloved 5x7 cards and not foist my life organization stuff on the outside world. as compensation, i promise not to go on too long abt buying pens or notebooks

wah!  just got the summons to drink at the sparrow.  ciao!!

i managed to get a brief sketch of my 'tito and the nails' story done on the plane to san diego

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

and how could i forget?!?!

the turf club.  

by far, one of the best bar/grill yr own food places in san diego.  and where i had my 25th birthday party for which miller baked her famous cannoli cake.  and where i used to meet rovner for after-work cocktails when he lived in that cute mother-in-law house down the street.

anyway, i'm abt to bust out my pilates mat for the first time in abt a year.  yipes.  wish me luck.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

never far from shore

"but what he really cared about were friends, loyalty and good behavior.  taste followed a distant fourth, which is at it should be."

this weekend was fab friend reunion in san diego.  we fit a lot in, from a ucsd campus wandering to legit greasy mexican at rigoberto's in la jolla (it's no la posta, but it'll do) to checking out tattoo parlors to getting annoyed with each other's going-out habits on saturday night.  but a little disagreement abt where and for how long one should enjoy cocktails is bound to happen when everyone in a group is as individual as we all are.  and a group full of people with completely distinct personalities is fine by me. 

anyway, the trip was lovely even if it wasn't enough and was too much too fast if that makes ANY kind of sense whatsoever.  i left sd with a fucked up and sad black hole heart.  leaving my beautiful california and my beautiful friends.  i don't know if i really belong to san diego anymore or to san francisco but i do know that i belong around those girls and that i don't belong to indiana.  i felt so heart sick to leave that i could have thrown up my aorta and my ventricle and my pericardium in one great making-my-insides-my-outsides motion.

but here i am and it's nearing school time again and, thus, a school time manifesto will surely follow in the next few days.  i have big plans for one-hour work sessions that i need to think through.  and i have a maje interest in getting fit that needs some detailed attention.

now, in a brief homage to san diego, i want to list all my favorite places and streets and stuff.  it's just kind of a purge, so i can get san diego all out of my insides and commit to being back here.  feel free to skip if you don't know san diego or don't just love reading lists of cool sounding words or don't want to imagine what my memories are like.

zanzibar, aero club, the ould sod, upas street, dove street, the green arrow streetlight pointing toward garnet ave, cafe 222, harry's, parkwood apartments, earl's place, pepper canyon, learning to drink guinness and whiskey at the field, windansea, la jolla shores, tapinade, avalon tattoo, the hatchet brothers, bella luna, nunu's, the red fox room, banker's hill, golden hill, and the casbah.

ps - if you're in borders any time soon, check out page 83 of this month's domino.  thom from queer eye has the rustic beachy yet enormously rich and beautiful bar of my dreams.