Sunday, July 13, 2008

the new news

is that i was a lazy bastard all day today. lots of couch-lounging and dvd watching. i did manage to buy this dress (totally teaching attire. as long as it's okay to wear something called a "fancy vamp dress" while instructing sweet, innocent farm kids):

well, okay, it might need a pair of prescription glasses, a cardigan, and sensible shoes to belong in the classroom. but for night, all it needs is a lot of liquid black eyeliner and some peep-toe pumps. woot.

the approaching week holds lots of bureaucratic baloney for me, so i'm glad i got my lazy sunday in while i could. def planning on a water park trip or two tho which should break up the monotony of dissertation research, dmv visiting, spanish exam studying, &c. altho i am hesitant to go to waterpark before i receive my other newest online purchase:

this fun bathing suit is called "betty." and apparently i'm going through some retro thing right now.

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