Thursday, July 3, 2008

let there be blowing-out and bliss forevermore

feeling happy and fine today as i was busy tidying, unpacking, and organizing many life-aspects. most pressing of which was my closet which was a sincerely messy if not an actually dangerous kind of place. now the closet is in fine order, but outside-the-closet is a lot messier b/c of the many things that need to be tossed and/or donated. i also uncovered all my little treasures from my vacations including some vintagey postcards from hawaii, some hot pink foam stickers with sparkles from tucson, a beautiful necklace i bought at bon, and some ripped out pages of magazines for inspirations (not that i need to be inspired to buy a $285 pair of gold rock and republic sunglasses, but whatevs).

i also did swisher today and hung out at k.dee's for a bit and ran errands with david. and i finished dharma bums which was mostly lovely but abt 1/3 annoying for all the buddhism. sorry buddha, but i love desire and i think all the best things in the world get made and done because of it. i also plan to attach myself to as many possible people, animals, things, and places as i can before i cash in my chips. but, kerouac, i forgive you for the spacey spiritual what-have-you because you write beautiful and lovely things abt people and naturey spaces, parties, and drinking wine. for the most part, the book made me want to be outdoors, suntanned, yelling and talking, drinking port, singing along with a shaggy guitar-playing friend, and eating really simple but well-deserved food. yay for that vigorous, life-loving writing.

good night!

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