Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i should admit

that the midwest can be really sort of charming in the summer time.  june/july nights exclusively, imo.  it's stays sunny until 9:30 at least and then the sun sets all pale pastels over the old brick buildings and courthouse.  it's still warm and slightly humid and there are fireflies all over the grass around town and out by the cornfields if you're driving in between towns.  everything seems mostly calm and still and sweet.  it's perfect to walk down the street to the bar, in a sundress and flip flops.  not as perfect as if there were a beach close by, but perfect enough.  sometimes i can convince david to walk me to west lafayette across the pedestrian bridge for snowbear frozen custard.

and i've decided that for being so clean and so pure for the last few days, when i come back from san diego, i will treat myself to an evening of reading and drinking wine outside the knickerbocker at one of the little iron tables with the red candles.  not that being so pristine is doing FUCK ALL for my fatness problem anyway.  

but i don't want to let my negator pms emotions get in the way of my nice mood and my sincere (though possibly fleeting) appreciation of small town livin.  last night david and i had a fun little dinner -- chopped endive salad with marinated artichoke hearts, sweet pimento peppers, walnuts, lemon juice and shaved parm/toasted ciabatta with garlic n herb laughing cow cheese/little bit of cabernet/pellegrino/tiny little white bowl of grapes -- and watched some tv on dvd.  tomorrow i go to lunch and to waterpark, thursday i go to indy, and friday i go to wisconsin for bryson's wedding.  should be swell all around.     

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