Thursday, July 10, 2008

clean and pure

ugh, the new lucky magazine was so boring it gave me a headache. so very not worth it. which means i'll probably go to borders tomorrow and buy every other magazine in existence so i can get the dullsville taste out of my mouth.

other things i did today were look at cfps for conferences and publicationy stuff and i actually found one that looks interesting so i started on a proposal for that. hung out at k.dee's for a bit and that little guy (who looks like the demon on season five of buffy that pushes spike off the tower and stabs dawn, the one with the extra blinky eyelids or whatever?) was playing guitar and singing which was charming if not a little loud to read snoozy lit crit of iris murdoch to. then picked up my car that's been sitting outside adryan's since her party on tuesday. which was sweet and fun (the party, that is) and probably a little more boozy than i intended but that's what social anxiety does to me.

now i've decided to get back on the straight and narrow by being clean and pure in terms of exercise and vegetables and pellegrino and non-booze, non-frozen pizza, non-taking benedryl after yr hangover and sleeping until 7 pm. some of this may be derailed by the potential local water park trip (tropicanoe cove!) which allows people to bring coolers and probably can not even be handled by the average adult without the consumption of some sort of controlled substance. but, until then, totally pristine on the insides over here.

i miss the tom waits concert. i wish i could have it back.

oh, and check out for awesome pix of both the 4 x 4 and 8 across variety (plus the awesome stories to go with the awesome pix). i am so inspired.

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