Monday, July 28, 2008

and dr. bliss slipped me a preparation

so i slept almost all day on sunday. okay, it wasn't dr. bliss so much as it was me who slipped myself like a million glasses of wine and some sangria on saturday night at jamie's party.  which was good times overall and one of those old-school party jen kinda nights where i come home at 6:30 in the morning.  i can't really bounce back from those the same way anymore but they're still worth having, i think.

yesterday i ran at celery bog and read a little and today i went to tropicanoe cove again where i crisped my thighs and chest while floating on lazy river.  seriously, nothing takes the stress out of me like sunshine and water.  also got a nice lunch at jane's beforehand and then afterwards stopped by becca and david's to drop off an obscenely late baby shower gift.

like, the baby's done been born for like 2 months kind of late.  but she should still fit in her gifty, so no harm no foul.  and, i must say, she is the most precious little thing that i was totally charmed by all her squeaks and wooohooos and general baby gurgliness.  it was also really nice to hang out with becca and david again and chat school chat.  hopefully it won't be so long between visits.

after that i  had my first shot at making plantains which went a'ight altho i believe i would rather have them professionally done for me.  but they went well with some cuban style black beans and rice, avocados, tomato, &c.

tomorrow will be another busy kind of day and then off to san diego for friend reunion and revelry!  a thousand hurrahs for all the fun i've been having.

(zero hurrahs for the work i've been hiding from).

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