Tuesday, July 1, 2008

and back home

the 3/4 backman family road trip came to a close on sunday and i'm still trying to settle back into life in lafayette. it's been awesome to be with david again, playing tennis and seeing movies and even mundane grocery shopping type activities. but i miss hawaii palm trees and tucson cacti and beaches and warm swimming pools and all the general qualities of the american west.

so instead of learning that life isn't just one big beach vacation, i've decided to incorporate as much beachiness into my midwestern life as possible. which is why i bought a big gold seashell bookend for my office, why i will wear havaianas until snow frostbites my toes off, and why i'm addicted to the mango/coco lotion from kohala spa and sports club. also, i'm trying to figure out how to capture a 50s kona beach pin-up girl look without looking like a tart who bought too many clothes at tommy bahama. but maybe i'll bench that look pending further research.

i guess i shouldn't have started writing when i have a heavy heart. i'm gonna go play scrabble now and see if i can get it to go away.

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