Monday, July 28, 2008

and dr. bliss slipped me a preparation

so i slept almost all day on sunday. okay, it wasn't dr. bliss so much as it was me who slipped myself like a million glasses of wine and some sangria on saturday night at jamie's party.  which was good times overall and one of those old-school party jen kinda nights where i come home at 6:30 in the morning.  i can't really bounce back from those the same way anymore but they're still worth having, i think.

yesterday i ran at celery bog and read a little and today i went to tropicanoe cove again where i crisped my thighs and chest while floating on lazy river.  seriously, nothing takes the stress out of me like sunshine and water.  also got a nice lunch at jane's beforehand and then afterwards stopped by becca and david's to drop off an obscenely late baby shower gift.

like, the baby's done been born for like 2 months kind of late.  but she should still fit in her gifty, so no harm no foul.  and, i must say, she is the most precious little thing that i was totally charmed by all her squeaks and wooohooos and general baby gurgliness.  it was also really nice to hang out with becca and david again and chat school chat.  hopefully it won't be so long between visits.

after that i  had my first shot at making plantains which went a'ight altho i believe i would rather have them professionally done for me.  but they went well with some cuban style black beans and rice, avocados, tomato, &c.

tomorrow will be another busy kind of day and then off to san diego for friend reunion and revelry!  a thousand hurrahs for all the fun i've been having.

(zero hurrahs for the work i've been hiding from).

Monday, July 21, 2008

things i hate right now

in no particular order.

- summer storms
- vacuuming
- my current hair color
- not enough hours in the day and all that
- crunchy peanut butter
- not having hand lotion or chapstick the absolute instant i want it
- sonic youth

i know cool kids like sonic youth, but i gotta say, i'm not cool i've never been cool and i don't wanna be cool. sonic youth makes me feel nervous and sick to my stomach. fuck them and their noisies. i've read interviews with kim gordon and thurston moore in which they've been pretty charming, so as long as they're nowhere near musical instruments, i'm a fan.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

things i love right now

in no specific order

 - kohala spa and sports club lotion 
 - picking beckett up from the kennel (b/c it always makes me teary to leave her there)
 - david 
 - yoplait thick and creamy vanilla yogurt with trader joe's morello cherries
 - my cacti from tucson (even without proper pots)
 - tequila and soda with a splash of sour
 - raven 

honorary mention goes to rustica pizzeria and enoteca in milwaukee's third ward for being, literally, the most chic pizza place i've ever been to.  had a caprese panini and diet coke that really saved me from vicious post-wedding hangover and enabled a 5 hr drive back to indiana.  i don't have the energy to explain the rockin decor, but if you find yrself in milwaukee, do go check it out.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i should admit

that the midwest can be really sort of charming in the summer time.  june/july nights exclusively, imo.  it's stays sunny until 9:30 at least and then the sun sets all pale pastels over the old brick buildings and courthouse.  it's still warm and slightly humid and there are fireflies all over the grass around town and out by the cornfields if you're driving in between towns.  everything seems mostly calm and still and sweet.  it's perfect to walk down the street to the bar, in a sundress and flip flops.  not as perfect as if there were a beach close by, but perfect enough.  sometimes i can convince david to walk me to west lafayette across the pedestrian bridge for snowbear frozen custard.

and i've decided that for being so clean and so pure for the last few days, when i come back from san diego, i will treat myself to an evening of reading and drinking wine outside the knickerbocker at one of the little iron tables with the red candles.  not that being so pristine is doing FUCK ALL for my fatness problem anyway.  

but i don't want to let my negator pms emotions get in the way of my nice mood and my sincere (though possibly fleeting) appreciation of small town livin.  last night david and i had a fun little dinner -- chopped endive salad with marinated artichoke hearts, sweet pimento peppers, walnuts, lemon juice and shaved parm/toasted ciabatta with garlic n herb laughing cow cheese/little bit of cabernet/pellegrino/tiny little white bowl of grapes -- and watched some tv on dvd.  tomorrow i go to lunch and to waterpark, thursday i go to indy, and friday i go to wisconsin for bryson's wedding.  should be swell all around.     

Sunday, July 13, 2008

the new news

is that i was a lazy bastard all day today. lots of couch-lounging and dvd watching. i did manage to buy this dress (totally teaching attire. as long as it's okay to wear something called a "fancy vamp dress" while instructing sweet, innocent farm kids):

well, okay, it might need a pair of prescription glasses, a cardigan, and sensible shoes to belong in the classroom. but for night, all it needs is a lot of liquid black eyeliner and some peep-toe pumps. woot.

the approaching week holds lots of bureaucratic baloney for me, so i'm glad i got my lazy sunday in while i could. def planning on a water park trip or two tho which should break up the monotony of dissertation research, dmv visiting, spanish exam studying, &c. altho i am hesitant to go to waterpark before i receive my other newest online purchase:

this fun bathing suit is called "betty." and apparently i'm going through some retro thing right now.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

clean and pure

ugh, the new lucky magazine was so boring it gave me a headache. so very not worth it. which means i'll probably go to borders tomorrow and buy every other magazine in existence so i can get the dullsville taste out of my mouth.

other things i did today were look at cfps for conferences and publicationy stuff and i actually found one that looks interesting so i started on a proposal for that. hung out at k.dee's for a bit and that little guy (who looks like the demon on season five of buffy that pushes spike off the tower and stabs dawn, the one with the extra blinky eyelids or whatever?) was playing guitar and singing which was charming if not a little loud to read snoozy lit crit of iris murdoch to. then picked up my car that's been sitting outside adryan's since her party on tuesday. which was sweet and fun (the party, that is) and probably a little more boozy than i intended but that's what social anxiety does to me.

now i've decided to get back on the straight and narrow by being clean and pure in terms of exercise and vegetables and pellegrino and non-booze, non-frozen pizza, non-taking benedryl after yr hangover and sleeping until 7 pm. some of this may be derailed by the potential local water park trip (tropicanoe cove!) which allows people to bring coolers and probably can not even be handled by the average adult without the consumption of some sort of controlled substance. but, until then, totally pristine on the insides over here.

i miss the tom waits concert. i wish i could have it back.

oh, and check out for awesome pix of both the 4 x 4 and 8 across variety (plus the awesome stories to go with the awesome pix). i am so inspired.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

let there be blowing-out and bliss forevermore

feeling happy and fine today as i was busy tidying, unpacking, and organizing many life-aspects. most pressing of which was my closet which was a sincerely messy if not an actually dangerous kind of place. now the closet is in fine order, but outside-the-closet is a lot messier b/c of the many things that need to be tossed and/or donated. i also uncovered all my little treasures from my vacations including some vintagey postcards from hawaii, some hot pink foam stickers with sparkles from tucson, a beautiful necklace i bought at bon, and some ripped out pages of magazines for inspirations (not that i need to be inspired to buy a $285 pair of gold rock and republic sunglasses, but whatevs).

i also did swisher today and hung out at k.dee's for a bit and ran errands with david. and i finished dharma bums which was mostly lovely but abt 1/3 annoying for all the buddhism. sorry buddha, but i love desire and i think all the best things in the world get made and done because of it. i also plan to attach myself to as many possible people, animals, things, and places as i can before i cash in my chips. but, kerouac, i forgive you for the spacey spiritual what-have-you because you write beautiful and lovely things abt people and naturey spaces, parties, and drinking wine. for the most part, the book made me want to be outdoors, suntanned, yelling and talking, drinking port, singing along with a shaggy guitar-playing friend, and eating really simple but well-deserved food. yay for that vigorous, life-loving writing.

good night!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

and back home

the 3/4 backman family road trip came to a close on sunday and i'm still trying to settle back into life in lafayette. it's been awesome to be with david again, playing tennis and seeing movies and even mundane grocery shopping type activities. but i miss hawaii palm trees and tucson cacti and beaches and warm swimming pools and all the general qualities of the american west.

so instead of learning that life isn't just one big beach vacation, i've decided to incorporate as much beachiness into my midwestern life as possible. which is why i bought a big gold seashell bookend for my office, why i will wear havaianas until snow frostbites my toes off, and why i'm addicted to the mango/coco lotion from kohala spa and sports club. also, i'm trying to figure out how to capture a 50s kona beach pin-up girl look without looking like a tart who bought too many clothes at tommy bahama. but maybe i'll bench that look pending further research.

i guess i shouldn't have started writing when i have a heavy heart. i'm gonna go play scrabble now and see if i can get it to go away.