Wednesday, June 25, 2008

backman (leisure)

if i could smell like coppertone and salt water for the rest of my life, i'd be happy.  but the bulk of my western vacations are coming to end and i'm heading toward lafayette.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


tom waits show in phx was really magical. i woke up super happy this morning and i'm downright positive it was because of the show. perhaps also the fact that i'm in sunny arizona with the fam and swimming pool and tennis playing and inventive cooking and silly shopping excursions.

but, for certain, tom waits was the most. he stomped up dust clouds, kicked a large old bell, played guitar and piano, grumbled his lungs out, did some kind of brief/slow chicken wing dance, and wore a mirrored disco-ball hat that spun out light dots while he twirled in half-time to the drawn-out end of "november." so that was cool. i swear i'm gonna keep that concert in a little glass globe in my heart for any time i need to feel wonderful, artsy, inspired, or motivated to produce something cool.

more soon abt the trip to hawaii, my dueling "looks" for fall, my imaginary new bar called stella's under the sea room, how much i miss david, and shoring the fragments of anything beautiful i can get my hands on before i have to return midwest.

but now i go to ebay to search for tom waits posters that are cool and to the kitchen to make a shopping list for the greek food we're gonna make tonight. ciao!!!