Sunday, May 4, 2008

we heart summer

especially the first few days of it, which are very precious. and my first few have been totally lovely. raven's 80s prom party was last night and was totally fabulous fun. david wore don johnsonny clothes and i found a pink sparkley poofy dress on super sale at macys. there was spiked punch and a vote for prom king and queen and lots of dancing and big hair and hot pink lipstick. then i had an interminable walk home with d and winship that may have been the funniest walk home ever invented except for the fact that i had on four inch silver stilettos that were, by 4am, quite uncomfortable. but it was the funnest night i've had in a while so cheers to that and cheers to prom pictures which i hope to see up on facebook sometime soon.

today was laze central and magazine reading in my pajamas and walking the dog in my pajamas and basically all abt staying in my pajamas all day long. it's been a successful day all around, i'd say.

i feel a burst of summer cleaning sesh for tomorrow with organization of things and various cleanings, clearing out ofs, tidyings, &c. then, after that, i will try to be health girl and sportsy. i do believe that i agreed to playing tennis, badminton, drinking tequila and playing chess with andre and jamie. i don't even like chess but i guess with enough tequila, i could be convinced.

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