Friday, May 16, 2008

i can make earthquakes in my dreams

so that's good. i mean, at least i can give myself superpowers when i need them (i.e. avoiding an arranged marriage to unnamed acquaintance dude).

it has been fun and active round these parts lately with brother bear in town (and thus extreme amounts of tennising) and some parties and nights on the town and various cookings of foods and such. and bombay indian food last night which was also lovely. tonight was watching a nightmare on elm street with pizza and wine which was totally fab.

tomorrow is mall for more tennis balls (and new shampoo for me), k.dees for study/writing time, celery bog for running, maybe maize for fun dinner, and then bars for good times. i'm already excited to get up for such a day.

although i have to say that the other night i had maje half-asleep panic attack, non sleeping kind of biz. like i decided i will probably die from a stroke (and envisioned the awfulness that that would be) then i decided that i probably need to worry about beckett dying soon since she's going to be nine this july, then i worried abt debts, school, potential skin cancer, blindness, &c. i have some going to sleep problems sometimes, so if you have remedies, please advise.

well, to my glass of wine and to a movie or scrabble or something now.

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