Thursday, May 22, 2008

geese and baby geese in the target parking lot

was the best thing that happened today. david and i were leaving the store and he just stopped in his tracks and said 'hey!' and there they were: mama goose, three babies, and dad goose all walking in a little line right through the target parking lot. super cute and out of a children's story. like 'goose family goes to target' or 'grace the goose needs affordable home furnishings.' anyway, goose family was today's stand out.

followed closely by tennis with pretty baby and then indiana jones movie. all in all a nice thursday. tomorrow i will go running at celery bog and then hopefully out on the town. saturday will involve a nice trip to chicago with a dinner out at tengo sur, maybe brunch at orange. too much indulging round these parts lately.

which is why, ten minutes ago, i vowed to not overindulge until hawaii. oh, i can indulge--just not overindulge. so, it's vowed!

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